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Lincocin is generally used for treatment of adverse infections resulted from the activity of such bacteria as pneumococci, streptococci, and staphylococci.

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Everything you should know about Lincocin

Lincocin consists of lincomycin hydrochloride - its main component, which is a monohydrated type of salt. It cannot be used for patients, who exhibit allergic reactions related to penicillin. In such cases the main task of physician is to find the most suitable and fit-for-purpose drug that can replace Lincocin without harming the well-being of the patient. One of the main criteria of prescribing Lincocin is the infection that has been confirmed to be causes by susceptible type of bacteria. Otherwise, unreasonable application of Lincocin may result in development of immunity by bacteria towards the antibiotic.

Recommended Dosage

The most commonly approved dosage for adults is 600 mg, which is to be injected intramuscularly with 24 hours of interval. In case if the infection is severe, then the dosage may be increased up to 600 mg, which should be taken intramuscularly with 12 hours of interval. Meanwhile, the suitable dosage for kids (1 month and older) is 10 mg/kg with 24 hours of interval, which can further be reduced to 12 hours of interval in case if the infection is adverse. Intravenous injections are also available with a similar dosage, which can be obtained from physician.

Side Effects

Like any antibiotic, Lincocin has also got its own list of side effects that every patient should be familiar with: acute diarrhea, reoccurring nausea, frequent vomiting, stomatitis, pain spreading in the abdominal area, glossitis, infection of vagina, jaundice, anemia, kidney- related problems and others.

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