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Cefaclor is designed for treatment of Otitis Media, lower RTI (Respiratory Tract Infection), Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, UTI and other infections developed from strains of specific bacteria that are susceptible.

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General Overview

Cefaclor is the antibiotic designed to be taken orally to fight bacteria-induced infections that come from particular strains of bacteria, which demonstrate susceptibility. The overall list of diseases that can be cured by Cefaclor include Otitis Media, UTIs, cystitis, pyelonephritis, skin/skin structure infections, as well as LRTI and others. The full list of the Cefaclor applications can be obtained from the physician.


Make sure you provide your doctor with detailed information regarding whether have previously had acute kidney disease, colitis etc. Any previous allergic reactions caused by penicillins as well as cephalosporins should be discussed as well. The common dosage that is advised to adults is 250 mg that should be administered with 8-hours intervals. Cases when the infection is severe, may require the doctor to prescribe a bigger dose of Cefaclor. Children can also take Cefaclor, but in smaller doses of 20mg/kg/day with 8-hours intervals.

List of side effects

The following common side effects are highly likely to occur and should be reported without any delay to the doctor: stomach-related problems, reoccurring nausea, acute headache, vomiting, severe diarrhea and others. If Cefaclor is applied when there is no confirmation of bacterial infection, then it may result in a higher risk of bacteria to develop drug resistance. Moreover, long application of Cefaclor can result in non-susceptible bacteria to overgrow and cause harm to the patient in a long run. Hence, make sure you stay under close supervision of your healthcare provider during the entire treatment period of Cefaclor.

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